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June 2023


Agnès shared how at the end of merely ten art therapy sessions, many clients find the strength to transform their pain and memories through creative and artistic rituals for true peaceful healing. A healing they openly admit would never have come organically or without the loving support and safe space she creates by following the established EXIT methodology in art therapy.

As she shared her own personal pilgrimage towards clarity and resolving her own conflicts, she imparted her wisdom and vision for her foundation, Art for Peace, her goals as an “Artivist”, and shared some individual powerful artistic creations realised by vulnerable refugee or migrant men and women who have suffered unimaginably. Most have been forced to set up a new life, usually in a new land, fleeing far away from the world, and the pain, they once knew.

Agnès never stops asking herself, “How can I build sustainable peace in a way that is adapted with modern lifestyle?” In summary, a beautiful human spirit with endless compassion for those who suffer and struggle to breakthrough their pain. She’s truly someone whom we all should have the opportunity to meet!

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