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Painted Heart


The efficiency of art therapy, as a clinical response to neuroscientific research has been shown to be one of the most innovative and creative psychosocial strategies of our times.

As such, numerous private and public schools, hospitals and humanitarian organisations such as UNHCR, Red Cross and Save The Children are implementing Art Therapy programs into their structures. 


Our art therapists are accredited by ARAET and ARTECURA, Swiss Organizations for Art Therapy and certified by ASCA, Swiss Health Institution for Complementary Medicines which allows our beneficiaries to be paid back by most health insurances.


Within Art For Peace, we use visual arts, movement, theater and music as a medium to engage the creative process which boosts the individual in a self reflective, empowering, and transformative journey. 

As an innovative human support method using art tools as a medium to empower and bring healing to human beings, art therapy impacts are long lasting and can be life-changing, benefitting participants as well as those around them.


What Art Therapy is NOT:

  • Making mandalas in a sketch book.

  • Reserved for artists only.

  • An art class.



Art therapy as a clinical response to mental health needs brings concrete, fast and profound results on the individual’s well being. Whether as a child, an adult or an elder, Art Therapy is a powerful restorative creative process that transforms the lives of its beneficiaries and their communities for the better and in a long lasting manner:

  • Improving early childhood development.

  • Improving self-expression through the universal language of art.

  • Creating opportunity to embody resilience, a balanced lifestyle and self-empowerment

  • Reducing PTSD symptoms, stress and traumas

  • Regaining a sense of control

  • Stimulating creativity and imagination

  • Increasing self-awareness, self-esteem and hope

  • Developing inter personal and communication skills

  • Learning behavior managing

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