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Helping Hands


The impact of art therapy on individual PEACE, RESILIENCE and DEVELOPMENT has been clearly established by neuroscience and as an innovative clinical therapy to increase positive mental health outcomes and improve the lives of its beneficiaries at all levels:


  • It brings an opportunity to HEAL so that people can cope with traumatic life experiences, generate more peaceful, balanced and resilient lifestyles.


  • It EASES community integration processes. We can’t expect from someone who suffers from multiple traumas to integrate properly into society.


  • Art as a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE transcends cultural and dialect differences


  • IMPROVES STUDENT LEARNING. Neuroscience has shown that children learn better through play and creativity. Remember the best teacher you ever had, s/he probably was the most creative! 


  • GIVES A VOICE and a medium to express to the most vunerable populations, who’s voices are often silenced.


  • SELF-EMPOWEREMENT by encouraging concious embodiment and movement, in a society where digital media, cells phones and computers are reducing capacities to feel and engage sensory stimulation.


  • BUILDS CULTURAL BRIDGES between communities. Art therapy offers community members an opportunity to communicate in a unified language.


  • IMPROVES LEARNING and MEMORIZING abilities. Recent clinical studies have shown that movement therapy helps individuals solidify implicit learning and consolidate new memories and changes.


  • RAISING AWARENESS AND EDUCATING of challenging subjects such as conflict, abuse, human trafficking, prostitution or child labour.

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